Open Educational Resources of indigenous Games in Africa

This OERiGA project  seeks to document indigenous games in Africa and openly share them (digital, virtual) as an Open Educational Resource (OER). Thus, the OERiGA project is an invaluable resource of indigenous games from Southern Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, West Africa and North Africa.

About OERiGA

While much focus on Africa highlights its arts, crafts, folklore, clothes, cuisines, music, and languages, there has been less attention paid to indigenous children games. There is a deluge of children's games in Africa yet are undocumented and their educational potential remain unexploited. The COVID-19 pandemic which has resulted in parents and children staying at home has amplified a need for a shared educational resource of games. There are 1.3 billion people in Africa and 400 million children from 3,000 tribes (i.e. distinct linguistic & cultural entities) and each of these children play games. Playing games is every child’s daily practice regardless of their socio-economic status or geographic location, rural or urban, literate or illiterate. The parents of these children played games when they were children themselves yet these games are not documented. Regardless of the tribe, the children's games tacitly teach cultural heritage, values, numeracy, creativity, critical thinking, design thinking and much more. Games are educational as they overtly address three domains of learning: cognitive (mental skills), affective (attitude or self), and psychomotor (manual or physical skills).


To systematically create an educational resource of indigenous games and advocate for games to enter the mainstream curricula as a teaching and learning resource, whereby decolonising the curricula while preserving knowledge of indigenous games that would otherwise become extinct.



Collect and create a digital archive of indigenous games as a documentation of knowledge at risk of extinction 


Foster an inter-cultural appreciation of African indigenous games 


Integrate indigenous games into teaching and learning to decolonise and make learning both fun and meaningful


Create fun learning environments that teaches critical thinking, creativity, collaborative and communication skills


Use indigenous games to connect children to their cultures, heritage, values and beliefs


Empower young people to design digital indigenous games and inspire a generation of citizen developers in the fourth industrial revolution 

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Project Team


Principal Investigator

Dick Ng'ambi
University of Cape Town

Project Team

Aderinsola Kayode Dr
Annette Lombe Ms
Ahmed Mohamed Dr
Alpha Ndeunyema Ms
Bongiwe Sithole Ms
Desire Moodley Ms
Disho Muruti Mr
Dorothy Sebbowa Dr
Fahiema Titus Ms
Gregory Doyle Mr
Gabriel Konayuma Mr
John M. Traxler Prof
Khanyisile Ngodwana Ms
Mxolisi Xaba
Nicolette Brand Ms
Ntoza Hlangani Ms
Nkosi Mabaso Mr
Oluwaseun Oyekola Prof
Peter Mwewa Mr
Proscovia Namubiru Prof
Simone Titus Dr
Sella Terrie Dr
Twaambo Chiinza Ms
Ziyanda Mwanda Ms

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