Why Sandpits?

Sandpits encourage imagination and creativity in children where several structures can be imagined, designed and built, and just as easily discarded in a non-threatening environment. The sand provides a medium for exploration, construction and design, fundamental skills that the player takes with them into all other aspects of life.
The ETILAB aims to provide teachers with a space where they leave the stresses normally associated with emerging technologies at the door and enter with the goal of enjoyment and fun, where learning is ‘with others’ and knowledge is (freely) shared like the sand in the sandpit. ETILAB is a brainchild of Prof Dick Ng'ambi. He is the founder and director of the ETILAB. 


We exist to


Transform pedagogies

To be a sandpit where teachers inquire, investigate, improve, innovate, incubate ideas involving emerging technologies to transform education in general and pedagogy in particular.


Appropriate emerging technologies

To identify teaching/learning potential of ubiquitous emerging technologies not initially designed for education through engagement, collaborative ‘hand-holding’, ‘push to kick-start’, and 'copying' of best practices. 


Incubate out-of-box approaches

To incubate out-of-the-box teaching and learning approaches that address locally relevant educational challenges and to design robust models for teaching and learning of the ‘future’.

Interdisciplinary team

Standpits are interdisciplinary spaces. We work with interdisciplinary teams both local and international, face-to-face and virtually to design locally relevant sandpits aimed at transforming pedagogy.


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2.06 Mezzanine
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